Play music

To play along with classic SmartMusic, you need to record a take. First, make sure you select your part.

To record a take

  1. Tap and get ready to play. After the metronome countoff, the piece begins.
  2. Play the music on-screen. If there is not music on-screen, listen to the accompaniment and play your printed part.
    • When there is music on-screen, the green playback cursor shows you where you are in the music.
    • When there is not music on-screen, classic SmartMusic displays the current section, bar, and beat.
    • If you are playing along with an MP3, classic SmartMusic displays a counter.
    • To pause or resume a take, tap the screen.

      To stop a take early, first pause the take and then tap Stop Take.

    Classic SmartMusic saves your performances for you, allowing you to review and replay your favorites.

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Classic SmartMusic iPad User Manual

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